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Complications is a heartbreakingly beautiful story about a woman whose whole life changes after a car accident. - 5 Star Review

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Romantic Suspense


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A damaged woman hiding from the mob and the gorgeous man hired to protect her…

In a matter of seconds, Charlotte Mae Martin’s whole world fell apart. Now, she isn’t safe anywhere. Her dead boyfriend’s lifeless eyes haunt her dreams at night, and she spends her days under the crushing weight of her father’s death.

Life carries on, but it’s anything but usual when the mob is hunting you. The only way back to NOLA is under the watchful eye of a hired bodyguard, an infuriatingly bossy and handsome bodyguard.

Former Navy SEAL and private security specialist Carter Fortier has dedicated his life to protecting and serving. The longer they are forced to be together, he has to remind himself he was brought in to protect Charlotte Mae, not sleep with her.

With the mob determined to tie up loose ends, Carter must make dangerous alliances and depend on his brothers-in-arms to have his back. But the risk Charlotte Mae poses to his wounded heart is one complication he doesn’t account for.

Can two damaged hearts find love while fighting for their lives, or will the forces working to silence them succeed in ending more than just their budding romance?

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