Short Stories

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Finding love at the falls…

I look left and right, when I don’t see anyone I run into Ebony’s stall. I hear her breath as I close the door and turn as she shoves her nose into my neck.

“Hi sweetheart,” I whisper. “Do you want to go for a run?”

Ebony presses her nose between my shoulders and shoves me toward the stall door. I giggle, “Okay, you don’t have to be pushy now.” After putting on her bridle, I hurry us out before anyone can catch us.

The wind blows through the loosened strands of hair that have escaped my braid as we race down the tree line. The castle becomes smaller and smaller as we approach the opening in the forest.

Once we are under the cover of trees, Ebony slows to a trot through the familiar path. This is the only place I can find any peace. The castle is bustling with activity from the ball that father is holding tonight and I can no longer handle the constant hovering.

As the princess and only child of King William, my time and life are not my own. I’m quite lucky though because father is unlike the kings before him. You see, I’m twenty-five. I’m past the age princesses are arranged to be wed.

My father and mother loved each other very much. Or so I’ve been told. Mother died after birthing me so I never knew her. Thanks to the love my parents shared, father wanted to give me time to fall in love. He doesn’t have a lot of time left and now my time has run out. I can run my kingdom on my own, but as father has reminded me, there are many who will challenge me.

My time to choose my own husband, lover, and friend has ended. Father has invited every eligible male in the kingdom to the ball tonight and I’m to choose my husband in three nights.

So in this moment, I’m enjoying the fresh, fall air of the forest. I may be Princess Leilani of the Pelion Kingdom, but the moment I’m married off I know my husband will stifle my freedom. I’ll be lucky if I can ride Ebony every day and if anyone caught me riding her bareback, as I am now, I’d surely lose her.

Deeper in the forest, I hear only the small ruffle of the animals high in the trees. In a few more yards I will reach my paradise; my safe haven and sanctuary from the pressure of things out of my control.

Ebony tips her head to the side and stops. I look for what has caught her attention but I don’t see anything. As quickly as she stopped, she walks us to a large stone. I run my hands down her neck and whisper to her. “What’s the matter baby?”

With one last glance around I drop the reins and slide down her beautiful, black body onto the flat stone. I undress and make my way down to the base of Sixer Falls.

I dive and the chilly water shocks my body. Breaking the surface, I reach the waterfalls cascading down the mountainside. After swimming until my muscles tire, I climb the wet rocks and stand under the falls.

I release my braid and run my fingers through my wet hair before tying it off. A sound catches my attention but I only see the ripples of the water. This peace is only a fleeting moment of my day and I reluctantly move to a nearby rock to dry. I freeze midstep.

A tanned, sinewy man rises from the springs. Dark, wet hair curls at the base of his neck. Water cascades down his arms as his fingers comb his hair and I catch his profile. His square jaw is shadowed with a day’s worth of growth.

He’s beautiful.

The air in my lungs is trapped. If he was one of my father’s soldiers I would remember him. My core contracts, my nipples tighten, and my folds become slick with desire. A gasp escapes my parted lips when he turns and I catch a glimpse of his front.

Surprised green eyes clash with mine. I watch them widen and move down my body, reminding me of my naked state. I should cover my breasts, but the hungry look in his eyes sparks a fire along my skin. He takes his fill as though I am a delicacy. A dying man’s last meal.

Movement grabs my attention and I notice his dick, now thick and long. I’ve heard the maids speak of tasting men but always ignored them with disgust. Now, for the first time in my life, I wish to know how they taste. Not any man, this man. I lick my dry lips and imagine running my tongue up his length.

Two large hands attempt to cover the beautiful sight to no avail. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize anyone else was here.” The sexy timber reaches my ears as he turns to his side, moving him a little closer.

After one last peek, I avert my eyes. “I didn’t either. I’ve never seen someone at this spot before.” If this man has recognized me as the princess my father will have a coronary. “If you could please not mention to anyone that you have seen me—”

He looks at me and I see the truth before he says, “You have my word.” His gaze drops to the apex of my thighs and darkens.

Desire overwhelms me and I force out, “Thank you,” before I hurry across the rocks. I take only two steps on the slick stones lining the water’s edge and lose my balance.

I yelp, but before my body can land on it’s side I find myself wrapped in strong arms. Now skin to skin, I feel the heat from his body seep into my own. I inhale, hoping to slow my racing heart and breathe in his scent.

Concerned eyes bore into my own, “Are you okay?”

“No,” I say as I realize this man is evoking emotions in me that I had given up on feeling. I don’t even know his name but I want to feel those full lips on mine. “I mean yes.” I hear the words but they don’t sound like my own. They sound needy, desperate even.

He looks at my lips and I breathe him in deeply. Only this time the move causes my nipples to move along the sprinkle of hair across his chest. I press my legs together and moan.

My cheeks flush with embarrassment, but he only tightens the arm around my waist, bringing our bodies even closer. The erection I noticed only moments ago presses against my belly and the coarse hair of his thighs brushes my legs.

“You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.”

I can feel the heat in my face from the pleasure his words bring me. “Thank you—”

“I’m going to kiss you—I shouldn’t—but I need to know if your cherry lips are as sweet as I’m imagining they are.” I watch his mouth come closer as his breath fans across my own. “Tell me no.”

He’s right. I need to tell him no. This kiss shouldn’t happen. I shouldn’t even be in his arms right now. We are both completely nude. Our embrace is now that of lovers and if anyone should see us—

His lips rub along mine and all of my thoughts flee. I can only focus on his soft and firm kisses. A sigh escapes me and his tongue runs along the seam of my parted mouth. I wind my arms around his neck and I taste his lower lip.

I feel a groan emanate from deep within his chest. He tilts his head and deepens our kiss. My body burns with need for the stranger holding me. I can’t seem to make myself let him go. We’ve only spoken a handful of words but this desire between us is making me mad.

He breaks the kiss and I whimper at the loss. “This is crazy,” he tells me as he peppers my neck with kisses. “I should stop—”


“My God you’re receptive to my touch. Look what you do to me.” He says and presses his hard length against me.

I pull back and his hands caresses my hips. I know I should step away but I can’t. I run my hands down his body and feel the hard planes of his chest and stomach. My fingers itch with the need to touch him.

The muscle in his jaw pulses and he remains silent. He watches me and I see he’s leaving it up to me. I wrap my hand around his dick and his head rolls back at my touch. His response makes me feel powerful.

When his hand covers mine I worry he’s going to stop my exploration. Only he doesn’t. Instead, he guides my hand up and down his length before capturing my lips in another soul-shattering kiss.

“Don’t stop,” the words raspy against my lips as he releases my hand.

I continue and one of his hands, rough and calloused, finds a pebbled nipple and plucks it. Pleasure fills me and I moan as he rolls, rubs, and pinches my nipple. Lost in his touch, I widen my stance without a thought at the press of his foot against mine.

A finger glides between my folds, “You’re so wet, Angel.”

That magical finger slips inside me and I hold onto his shoulder with my free hand when my legs begin to shake. A second finger slips inside and his thumb presses against my clit. My knees buckle and for the second time that day, he catches me.

“I’ve got you, Angel.”

I look at him and find tenderness I don’t expect. Something about this man makes me believe his words. I know it’s crazy but I can’t ignore what I see. I’ve seen plenty of men tell women sweet, loving words with lust-filled eyes. Not this man.

His fingers do magical things to me and I push my thoughts aside. I need to make him feel as good as he’s making me feel. My hand moves along him in tempo with what his fingers are doing to me. The speed and pressure of each touch drives us further. Our breaths are shallow. The sounds escaping my lips only encourage his touch.

I cry out as my orgasm hits and I feel him buck under my hand.

He roars his release before taking my lips in a bruising kiss.

When our breaths return to normal I remember who I am and why this should have never happened. I step back and memorize his face. This can’t ever happen again. Without a word, I turn and step off the stones and run.

“Angel! Wait!”

I hear him behind me but I don’t stop. I can’t. I dress quickly and climb Ebony before racing away. All the while, I pray I didn’t just make the biggest mistake of my life.

Later that night, my father steps into my room. “Don’t you look beautiful!”

I force a smile. “Thank you, Papa.”

“Leilani, please do not look so sorrowful. I’m sure tonight we will find a man suitable to become your husband.” When he sighs I see his age more clearly.

“Yes Papa, I’m sure I will.” I say trying to be positive. All I can think is that maybe I already found him. The problem is, I don’t know his name or anything about him. Well, that’s not true. I know his fingers and mouth are magical.

“There’s that beautiful smile! Are you ready?” he asks offering me his arm. I nod and follow him out to what I expect will be a very long night of dancing with sweaty, awkward, and at times, pushy men.

Three hours later, I look around as my last dance partner walks away. My feet hurt, my face hurts from the forced smiles, and my heart hurts as it replays this morning’s events over and over again. I consider feigning a headache to escape this failure when a man steps into my view.

“Princess? A dance if I may?”

I place my hand in his and let him lead me. He looks familiar but I can’t place him. As we dance, his hands roam my waist. The touch leaves me yearning for the stranger in the forest.

“Yes, Simon?” The man says to someone behind me, halting our dance.

“I believe it’s my turn.” A shiver runs down my body. My nipples harden and my sex clenches at the voice I’ve been memorizing all afternoon.

“Don’t be rude, Simon. I’m dancing with the princess,” my dance partner tells Simon. I look between the two men and see the similarities.

Princess?” Simon asks, leaving it up to me.

“Thank you for the dance.” I tell the man and take Simon’s hand.

Without a word he spins me and we dance at a respectable space apart. My body is sparking as desire to run away with Simon consumes me. I don’t know what he’s doing here but frankly I don’t give a damn at this point. I only need to know one thing.

“Did you know?”

“That you were the Princess?” He asks never missing a step in the dance. “No, Angel. I didn’t know you were Princess Leilani of the Pelion Kingdom.”

“Why are you here then?”

“The King called on every bachelor in the kingdom. I had no desire, but my father did not trust my brother James not to cause problems for our family.” Simon told her James was the man she had been dancing with. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you, Angel.”

My heart swells when he calls me ‘Angel.’ “Nor I, you.”

Surprisingly, we are able to dance a few more songs uninterrupted until my father calls for me. Simon refuses to leave my side and walks me to my father.

“Are you having fun, Leilani?” Father asks and I nod. “And who is this young man that has brought you such joy?”

“Simon Abernathy, your majesty,” Simon tells him with a bow.

Simon returns to my side and offers his arm for me to rest mine. Father notices the possessive gesture and looks between us. A lesser man would have walked away from the King’s scrutiny but not Simon. I struggle to process how this makes me feel.

“I see,” Father says. “Leilani?” he asks and I nod at his unspoken question. Is this man the one I choose?

Simon clears his throat and I watch father’s eyebrow raise with surprise. No one—and I mean no one—does that to father.

“Simon Abernathy?”

“Your majesty,” Simon starts but turns to me. “I would be honored if the princess would accept a proposal of courtship.”

“Proposal of courtship?” Father asks with surprise as my heart pounds in my chest. “Not a proposal of marriage?”

“No, your majesty. I would like the chance to make the princess fall in love with me.”

“Leilani? What say you?” Father asks and I can’t help but grin.

“I accept!” I was already half in love with the man and I barely knew him. I couldn’t wait to see what was to come.

“May I take the princess to the gardens?”

With father’s blessing, Simon walks me past the stares and glares from the guests. Holding my hand, he takes me into the garden away from prying eyes.

Simon pulls me into his arms and kisses me breathless. “Angel, you are mine and I am yours. I haven’t stopped thinking about you and I doubt I can live without you. What I told the King is true. I intend to have you fall deeply in love with me so that you can never live without me.”

Before I can utter a word, Simon seals his lips to mine and binds his words with a kiss that curls my toes. I already can’t imagine living without him, but who was I to deny him the chance to prove himself.

The End.

Copyright 2017 AJ Renee

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