Widower’s Aura

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Book 1 of the St. Fleur Series


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Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

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A guilt-stricken single father and the spellbinding woman who shows him the power of second chances…

Sofia Brazier lives in a world full of colors, even if at times it’s hard to see beyond the darkness.

Her ability to see auras was useful in her old life in New Orleans, but after tragedy strikes, she escapes to the small town of St. Fleur.

There, her path crosses with single dad and widower Noah Tyler. The ex-security-forces-turned-handyman hunk is re-building a life for his troubled teen.

He doesn’t want to be captivated by the beautiful and eccentric woman, but his rebellious daughter makes it impossible to steer clear of Sofia—and the threat she poses to his already shattered heart.

Can he protect her when he failed to protect the only other woman he’s ever loved?

WA revamped 2

1st Excerpt:

Noah felt the hair on the back of his neck rise before he even saw her. Her skin shimmered with sweat. A bright blue tank top hugged her breasts, short black athletic shorts clung to her curves, and sneakers covered what he expected would be petite feet. The woman’s legs went on forever. He indulged in a brief fantasy of running his hands up those tan legs, hips, and up to her ample breasts. As his pants got tighter with a growing erection, he forced himself to turn and grab a drink of water.

For his sanity, Noah wanted to ignore her presence. Too bad he needed to speak to her. He couldn’t ignore what she was doing for Lexi. “Excuse me, Sofia?”

“Hello, Noah.” She smiled and continued to the bottom step of the house’s porch.

Noah walked toward her. “Can I talk to you?”

Her eyes locked on his with discomfort, “Yes?”

When they were a few feet apart, her smell hit him hard. Her sweat had yet to mask the sweet smell of peaches. She wasn’t covered in the strong perfume smell so many women seemed to bathe in. He noticed she wore no makeup either. The woman was truly stunning. He placed his hands in his pockets and rocked back on his heels.

“I wanted to thank you for what you’re doing for Lexi. You had every right to press charges, but I’m very grateful you didn’t. She’s a good kid…” He looked up at the second floor of his house, almost expecting to see Lexi standing at her window. “She’s just had a rough time, and I can’t snap her out it. I hope this close call does it.” He found himself wanting to tell Sofia more, but there was no point. Lexi would do her time with Sofia, and he would walk away with as little contact as possible.

Her head tilted to the side, Sofia’s knowing eyes pierced him. “Sounds like you both have been having a rough time.”

Her comment took him off guard. “Yes. No. Yes.” Noah struggled to breathe at the thought of how rough these last two years had been. When he looked at Sofia, he expected a confused look or even pity but not compassion. Yet her eyes sparkled when she gave him a small smile. Why did he always feel as if she was looking through him or reading his mind?

WA revamped

2nd Excerpt:

His eyes locked onto Sofia’s. Noah tried swallowing but failed. His mouth, which had been fine a moment ago, now lacked even a drop of saliva. The woman was phenomenal. Her hair swept away from her made-up face in a twist, left her long neck exposed. The dress hugged her body and made his hands itch to run up and down those glorious curves. Oh man, her breasts… those breasts were magnificent. If the woman looked this good in clothes, he could only imagine what she looked like out of them. Not that he hadn’t imagined that a hundred times by now. Thankfully the jeans and T-shirt were enough to cover up the proof of his growing desire. He forced his eyes to Lindsey, who also looked beautiful and happened to be giving him a laughing smile.

Noah cleared his throat. “Ladies, you look wonderful.”

“Thank you,” they told Noah in echo.

“Okay, picture time!” Sofia said.

Sofia accepted the camera from his hands. Their fingers briefly touched, shooting a bolt of pleasure down to his groin. His eyes shot to hers as she took a deep breath. Taking a step back, she lifted the camera to her face. Noah watched her relax, all distractions disappearing on the other side of the lens. He’d never seen her work and witnessing it was a gift as she captured Lexi’s special day.

3rd Excerpt:

“If you keep your hands to yourself, we can get a solid three hours of sleep,” Sofia scolded Noah as his hand snaked around her to grab her breast.

After their second session of lovemaking, they’d fallen asleep briefly before Noah had her primed and ready in a half-awake state. Sofia hadn’t realized a person could come that many times. To say the man had stamina was an understatement.

“Mmm… baby, you just feel so good!” he said into her ear, sending heat straight down to her core. His erection was back and nestled between her legs, pulsating as he rubbed against her.

Sofia whimpered. “I thought men couldn’t have multiple orgasms. How are you still even awake? How is he still working? Are you battery-powered and failed to inform me?”

She turned into his arms. Sofia couldn’t seem to deny him. Her body was sore and exhausted in the most delicious kind of way. She would need a hot shower in the morning to soothe her aching muscles.

Noah hooked her leg over his hip. “Last time, I promise. I just can’t get enough of you…” He plunged into her warmth.

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