Genre: Contemporary Romance

Here’s a blurb!

Everyone leaves…

Jaime Lynn has lived by this mantra all of her life. After opening a pub in St. Fleur, she begins to root herself into the town and its community, questioning everything she has ever known. When Jesse comes to interview for the open bartending position, she immediately knows hiring him will be a bad idea. Giving in to their powerful attraction, she accepts his invitation to explore what’s between them. Instead, she’s reminded that not everyone gets their happily ever after.

Haunted by the memories around his hometown of New Orleans, Jesse leaves everyone he knows and loves hoping to find a sliver of peace. Jaime Lynn turns out to be the light to his dark. Jesse learns that it’s better to live with your hopes and dreams than to return to your nightmares.

When the truth comes to light, Jesse and Jaime Lynn agree to give their relationship another try. The stars finally align, helping to guide them on a new path and leave their past behind them.

What will they do when Jesse learns about the gift he never received but always wanted?