Happy Father’s Day!

I’m a day late, I know. I was running around yesterday trying to make my girl’s daddy, and my happily ever after, have a special day.

Here I am now! Happy Father’s Day! To all the men who have done right by their kids, the ones who have stepped in and loved them regardless of the DNA factor and to all the women juggling both roles. I truly hope you had a great day!

I think a lot of men get nagged quite a bit for a variety of reasons. No one is perfect, I’m surely far from being perfect. I got one thing right, my man. Sure he’s not perfect, there are moments he can frustrate me but the man has the fatherhood thing DOWN. I think he’s the better parent. He thinks I’m too hard on myself but truly, he’s great with our three girls. He’s very hands on and pitches in with everything. Thank you to my love for every little and big thing he does.

There are plenty of examples of all the wrong things a man can be or do when it comes to being a father. Look to your baby daddy and recognize him for his hard work. We are quick to criticize and they need to know they haven’t screwed it all up either. None of us are perfect and it takes a village to raise our babies.

If the person sharing your child’s other half of their DNA has refused to step up or even recognize your child… well that’s on THEM. Make sure those kids know there is nothing wrong with them. If their families step up and love that child let them. Not all men who do this awful thing were raised to be that way. It’s shocking and heartbreaking to the families to see. Your kids are loved and they will know their value. Your love will be their strength and if it’s right for your family one day a man will steal your heart and love those babies like he was the one to create them.

CHEERS to all those Daddy’s and Mommy’s doing it right! Love your baby’s, teach them right from wrong and raise them to be strong and compassionate members of society. We need more loving, kind, respectful, intelligent, and overall good human’s in our society.

Keep up the good work!

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