Beauty Unmasked…

Earlier this year, I was presented the opportunity to include a fairy tale retelling into an anthology arranged by R.L. Weeks.

I thought on it for about 5 seconds… I mean come on! Who wouldn’t present a story to be included? I decided I would retell Beauty and the Beast. I love that story!

Belle is a strong woman who makes no excuses for who she is. She stands up to the Beast and to Gaston. So I wanted to bring those beautiful traits into a modern day, no magic, retelling.

My novella, Beauty Unmasked, is in book one of the Fractured Fairytales anthology. It releases TOMORROW! R.L. Weeks had so many great submissions she decided to create not one, but two books. There are nine stories in each book.

Here is a little blurb to wet your appetite.

In a world without magic, tragedy has left Viktor a broken, bitter, and angry man. Isabel might be the only one who can make him see past his new cursed life. Will the beast inside drive her away, or will she be able to heal more than just his broken body?

So my amazing readers, friends, followers, Belles… please help support this award-winning anthology by buying your copy today!

Book One:

fracturedFairytales Book one

Book Two:

Fractured Fairytales book two

Happy reading!


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