Fractured Fairytales

Check out what Astronima’s Review’s and Clutter had to say about the Fractured Fairytale Anthology!

I’m super excited about her thoughts on my story, Beauty Unmasked as well!

“Beauty Unmasked: Is based on Beauty and the Beast. This is a modern twist on this story. It was riveting and fantastically done. Viktor is the modern beast of a man who wants nothing more to be left alone in his hole of a house a shell of himself. He fights a battle that he realizes he will need his Belle to win. Isabel is feisty, strong, determined, and floored by her feelings for Viktor. This story was beautifully told. I cannot say enough about it. While I would love more it was perfect how all the characters from the fairy tale played in to the modern-day story. It’s a HEA that is perfect for this short novella. You didn’t feel like it was rushed. This story was a 5 for me. I want more!”

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