Happy New Year!

AJ Renee Sweet and Sinfully Ever After St. Fleur

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! We were able to share the first Christmas in about six years with our loved ones in Florida. The hard part of military life is not always going home when you want to. The trip took us longer than we had planned thanks to the alternator dying (even though it was just replaced this last September.) Luckily, we were able to make it to our families safely albeit very slowly.

New Years Eve, my husband and I were super excited to watch our NFL teams play. I’m a Saints fan and he’s a Buccaneers fan. We lost, but it was a fun game and the crowd was pretty great.

We got home with little problems if you didn’t include a frozen kitchen pipe(that finally thawed within twenty-four hours of being reported) and now our area is under a boil order. This cold weather is no joke! We didn’t even deal with water main breaks in Upstate NY and it was colder there.

Anywho…now I’m back to work and trying to catch up. I’m working on finalizing things for the next story in the St. Fleur series, No Going Back, and then back to working on my paranormal romance.

I joined the Books + Main bites website. You can find my profile here. I’m hoping to post some more clips once I get myself settled into a routine. For now there are about eight bites for you to enjoy.

Hope to see you around! Back to work! 😉

Happy New Year!

-AJ Renee

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