Book Review – No Going Back

Quick review on No Going Back by the Romantic Reads and Such Blog!

It’s wonderful reading that readers are enjoying my work. Thank you for taking the time to review!

Romantic Reads and Such

This book was so enjoyable.  Not having any experience with Renee’s style, I was pleasantly surprised by how natural and easy a read it was.


No Going Back

St. Fleur #4 / Standalone

by AJ Renee

Contemporary Romance


Rocco St. Martin stuns the people of St. Fleur when he shows up at Whiskey’s Pub with a black eye. The whispers only become worse when he’s spotted in handcuffs, exiting Deputy Sheriff JJ’s cruiser.

JJ is left with more questions than answers after Rocco refuses to say what happened. Since the stubborn man won’t take her help, she has to resort to keeping a closer eye on him.

When the details of his injuries come to light, will Rocco finally accept her help? Or will he be yet another man who doesn’t understand what it takes to be with a cop?





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