No Going Back

Summer has been crazy for my family and I know it’s been nuts for everyone else. That’s why opening up my email and finding this review posted is making my day! It’s always fun to see how others react to the stories I’ve crafted. I know why I love them, but hearing why others love them makes all the stress and worry behind each book worth it! Thank you Astronima’s on Pointe Reviews and Proofreading for taking a chance on my stories!

Astronima's Clutter

AJ is an author that I’m happy I found. I try to snatch a few extra minutes to read her stories. This one, I stayed up to finish. Now I only have one more to read of hers and I’ll be caught up! Maybe another sleepless night is in order haha.

JJ and Rocco are two characters we’ve met before in AJ’s St. Fleur series. This can be read as a stand-alone and you won’t be lost. That said, I definitely recommend reading them all.


Rocco is the mysterious mechanic. He doesn’t talk about his personal life. A chance mistake will make it so he doesn’t have the option. Especially when JJ is the one asking questions. Rocco gets a shot at winning the heart of JJ and he won’t let go this time. His plans include forever. Rocco struck me as a proud man and protector. When his sister…

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