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Leonna Luxx
 For One Night 🖤

Leaona Luxx:

Kathy Coopmans
 Where There’s Smoke 🖤

Kathy Coopmans:

H. D'Agostino
 Irreparably Broken 🖤


M.C. Cerny
 Summer Ever After 🖤

M.C. Cerny:

Cindee Bartholomew

🖤 Never-Moore 🖤

Cindee Bartholomew:

Bethany Lopez

🖤 21 Days 🖤

Bethany Lopez:

Anna Brooks

🖤 Surface 🖤

Anna Brooks:

Nicole Flockton

🖤 Masquerade 🖤

Nicole Flockton:

K.L. Myers


KL Myers:

Fiona Keane

🖤 Noah 🖤

Fiona Keane:

Stacey Lewis

🖤 Baby Proposal 🖤

Stacey Lewis:

Krissy V

🖤 Whiskey 🖤

Krissy V:

Callie Vegas

🖤 Patrick 🖤

Callie Vegas:

Taylor Delong

🖤 Waiting on Forever 🖤

Taylor Delong:

Jodi Watters

🖤 Have a Heart 🖤

Jodi Watters:

Heidi Hutchinson

🖤 Like the Back of My Halo 🖤

Heidi Hutchinson:

Claire C. Riley
 Crank #1 🖤

Claire C. Riley:

Linda Ellen
 A Bride for Finn 🖤

Linda Ellen:

Joshua AJ Renee must read
 Joshua 🖤

AJ Renee:

Paris Hansen
 Restless 🖤

Paris Hansen:

Lana Cohen
 Dirty Talk 🖤

Lana Cohen:

Kay Maree
 Inked Temptation 🖤

Kay Maree:

Billie Dale
 Birthday Witch 🖤

Billie Dale:

K.J. Farnham
 Click Date Repeat Again 🖤

K.J. Farnham:

H.J. Bellus
 Royal Atlas 🖤

HJ Bellus:

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