Cursed Luck (Broderick Coven #5) by AJ Renee
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Edward Broderick was anything but lucky.
His intuition made him suave in both business and life. Unfortunately, his debonair style went out the window when an ethereal beauty slipped into his life. No woman had made him feel like a tongue-tied fifteen-year-old before.
Free-spirited Mia Hemlock didn’t live by others’ expectations. Yet her easy life was shaken by the arrogant and awkward, yet handsome, man. Not even her earth magic could ground her heart when she became consumed by the man.
Will they accept the goddess’s love match, or will they allow misunderstandings and greed to force them apart?


Are you ready to be seduced?
Crawling under your skin. Nibbling at your neck. Sending tendrils of red heat through your body. Delve into a world that exists just beyond the boundary of our reality. Alphalicious shifters, lusty witches, sultry vampires, and all creatures supernatural and sexy are ready to lure you into the dark, where you’ll taste danger, embrace deliciously sensual pleasures, and find a romance to rival the ages.

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