St. Fleur Novel #5 Coming soon!

You read that right! The FIFTH novel in the St. Fleur series is releasing soon! Mark those calendars, August 29th you have a date with Andrew and Gabrielle in Taxed by Love. I can’t tell you how much I love these characters! Below is the blurb for the story. It’s with the proofreader now for any final touches and it’s off for formatting. The cover reveal will be July 30th so please stay tuned! My St. Fleur Belles group is already getting little sneak peeks. If you want in on the fun, please consider joining us! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Happy Reading! ~ AJ


Genre: Contemporary Romance


Love was in the air and Gabrielle wasn’t interested. Even if she was willing to risk her heart again, which she wasn’t, any man would have to get past her overbearing brother first.

Andrew was unashamed of his love of women… until he found himself yearning for what his friends had found—love and family. When a gorgeous woman caught his eye at a buddy’s wedding reception, he blindly followed, unable to resist her allure.

Their encounter was meant to be no-strings fun, but months later, Gabrielle couldn’t get him out of her mind. Andrew regretted never getting her name or number, leaving them both with only memories and unanswered desires.

An unexpected reunion brought the couple to St. Fleur, where trouble had been stirring for their friends and family. Can Andrew persuade Gabrielle to take a risk on a playboy? Or will tragedy jeopardize their chance at love?

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