Sweet and Sinful Saturday Reads…

Yay! Another weekend! Today’s Sweet and Sinful Saturday Reads goes to Julie Garwood’s Shadow Dance. So many readers and friends always ask who my favorite author is and hands down Julie Garwood is at the top of that list.

When I first started reading for fun I was encouraged to read her work. Shadow Dance is one of the contemporary romance novels that follows the Buchanan family. There are no words for my love of this story line.

Brother’s best friend. Suspense. Stubborn strong female.

It’s easily my favorite of the series of books that delve into the Buchanan family. If you want to start this series from the beginning pick up Heartbreaker. You’ll get your first glimpse into Noah, the hero in this novel in that story. Although, you could read it without the other.

Let me know what you think!

Jordan Buchanan is thrilled that her brother and best friend are tying the knot. The wedding is a lavish affair–for the marriage of Dylan Buchanan and Kate MacKenna is no ordinary occasion. It represents the joining of two family dynasties. The ceremony and reception proceed without a hitch–until a crasher appears claiming to be a MacKenna guest. The disheveled and eccentric professor of medieval history warns that there’s “bad blood” between the couple’s clans, stemming from an ancient feud that originated in Scotland, and involving the Buchanan theft of a coveted MacKenna treasure.

Jordan has always led a cautious life and has used her intelligence and reason to become a successful businesswoman. So she is intrigued but skeptical of the professor’s claims that the feud has been kept alive by the grave injustices the Buchanans have perpetrated over the centuries. But when Noah Clayborne, a close family friend and a man who has never let a good time or a pretty girl pass him by, accuses Jordan of being trapped in her comfort zone, she determines to prove him wrong and sets out on a spontaneous adventure to the small, dusty town of Serenity, Texas, to judge the professor’s research for herself.

Maneuvering through a close-knit community in which everyone knows everyone else’s business, Jordan never anticipates the danger and intrigue that lie in her path, nor the threat that will shadow her back to Boston, where even in familiar surroundings, her life is at risk.

A powerful thug who rules by fear, a man who harbors a simmering secret, and an unexpected romance that pierces all defenses–beloved author Julie Garwood weaves these dazzling elements into a brilliant novel of romantic suspense. Shadow Dance is a searing tango of passion and peril.

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