Sweet and Sinful Saturday Reads…

Hey! I hope you’ve been getting in some reading time. Maybe on the beach or pool. Hell, maybe you’re hidden in a pantry as you escape your kids during summer break. No judgement here. Let me get to today’s recommendation…

The Incidental Affair by K.S. Marshall was a great debut novel. I’m looking forward to reading her latest release, Losing Her. I’ll admit that I had moments where I wanted to reach into my tablet and shake the characters around. To me this is a sign of great writing. The story flowed and had me engaged. Make sure to give her a shot.

incidental affairWaking up naked isn’t a bad thing.
Unless you’re next to a virtual stranger — in your boyfriend’s house.
I had no idea how we ended up naked in the first place.
He was just supposed to be my coworker — my sexy, off limits coworker.
But I’m having flashbacks of the wicked things that perfect mouth of his was capable of,
and now I’m curious to find out more…


She doesn’t remember a thing about last night,
But she asked me to stay.
I suppose I would have to jog her memory.
I sure as hell wouldn’t mind….I wanted her all to myself.


There’s no denying the hot chemistry brewing between Danielle and Drew,
but past and present might have more than enough to affect their future.

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