I know I haven’t been around much. We’ve had a busy week with family. My oldest got Student of the Month, the two older ones had their Girl Scout end of year ceremony, the oldest did her 1st communion and snagged 2nd place in the 2nd grade spelling bee to mention only a few things that filled the last few days in our family.
As soon as the last of my company leaves I will be reading over some of my coworkers stories for a new anthology I’m in. I’ll then add to my story so we can deliver a kick ass project to our readers. I’m really excited to work on this piece and hope you love it as much as we do.
Taxed by Love, St. Fleur #5, just came back from the editor and I’ll go over that after my anthology piece is complete. I hope to have a release date and cover to share with you in the next month or two.
Lastly, I have a side project I want to finish. It will be a standalone story. I’ve been pretty hush hush over this one and I know I’m teasing you just by mentioning it. 
If you’re part of my St. Fleur Belles reader group on Facebook then you know I’ve been trying to balance my time better between work and family. The girls will be home for Summer and I hope to enjoy it to the max. They only stay little for so long, right?
If you ever have any questions for me please reach out. The craziness has me a bit scatterbrained, but I love hearing from readers. You help keep me and my stories going.
I hope this finds everyone well! 
Happy Reading!

Life means organized chaos

I have so many things I’m juggling on a daily basis as so many of you can relate. It really is organized chaos some days and utter chaos on other days. I’ve been trying to find my groove with all the social media and my website at the same time finding a break from writing. (A short break since an idea popped up for a short story and I couldn’t let it sit.)

Stretching my creative muscles feels amazing! As I type this I’m itching to finish Dylan and Andi’s short story. I’ve also been hashing out some ideas in my head for book 3 of my St. Fleur series, Jesse and Jamie Lynn’s long overdue story.

In celebration of starting this new path in my life I decided to give two copies of two books away. This added one more thing to keep an eye on. No complaints, because in my own excitement for this journey I wanted to shower YOU with a gift.

There are three days left for Carina Adams’ Lay it Down #AmazonGiveaway. Pay it forward and share the link. Maybe you or your friend can win it and enjoy the lovely, sexy, and badass Bastards M.C. Congratulations to @LarndeSolen for claiming one copy of Laura Kaye’s Hard as it Gets! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Stay tuned for news on pre-orders for Widower’s Aura and however I decide to give away the unclaimed Laura Kaye Hard as it Gets kindle edition.