Music… Every single culture has it, regardless of what country you live in. New Orleans’ culture is infused with beautiful, soulful rhythm and beats. The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festival will continue this Thursday April 28th, drawing thousands of people to the Fair Grounds before it ends on Sunday, May 1st.

By the name you would expect only jazz artists but no. Headliners like Stevie Wonder, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nick Jonas, Julio Iglesias and so many more. Gospel, jazz, pop, rock and everything in between. Regardless of the language we speak or the things we have experienced in our lives we can come together for our united love of music.

In Widower’s Aura, we learn that Sofia has a love for rap music. Lindsey on the other hand enjoys country music. Personally I will listen to anything that sounds good to me. I grew up listening to salsa and merengue in our home. As I matured my taste in music changed from listening to Golden Oldies to hip hop, rock, r & b, country and pop.

Music calms me and fills me with emotion. Depending on what mood I’m in is where I stop the dial on the radio. The musical notes have a way of weaving around me drawing out my problems and worries, even if only for a moment in time. I’m a big believer that music heals. Regardless of your choice in music genres you will find someone who shares that same passion.

So if you can make your way to New Orleans this weekend for the Jazz & Heritage Festival look around and see how the shared love for music has brought you and thousands together. Enjoy the delicious food and let the beat heal the wounds on your soul.