The move…

Hi! I know it’s been a while and I’m happy to have you here!

Since I checked in last we made the move cross country from Vegas to Illinois. Desert to endless farmland. Big city living to small town living. It’s been quite the ride and I love every bit of it.

I’ve determined I have a gypsy heart. There is no way around that. You really have to love your spouse and have a gypsy heart to uproot this many times in your life. It wasn’t in my control as a child through my father’s career, but dating my husband I knew what would happen if it worked out.

We have the house up to about 97% in place. I need to declutter like you couldn’t believe. The office is moving along. I got a desk, chair, and thanks to bad service in a tech center I now have a new computer too.

My older two girls started school today so there has been serious excitement around here. I hope we find our routine in this coming week because I need to get into my writing cave and get this Christmas novella moving.

As I try to find a new routine that I hope includes gym, school, writing, and family time I hope you find one of my books to entertain you. Fractured Fairytales anthology is releasing in a few weeks so if you haven’t reserved your copy, do it now!

Until next time! Happy reading!