What are you reading?

I’m in between writing so this is the time I try to catch up on novels I’ve been collecting along the way. I just finished Carina AdamsLay it Down and I started R.L. Mathewson’sFated. I’m hoping I can read Danica WintersSmoke and Ashes next.

Ever since I started Widower’s Aura my to be read list has become longer and longer. I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up. There are so many fantastic stories out there waiting to be read. I’m behind on quite a few series. As I type this I’m remembering that I left off in the middle of Bella Andre’s Sullivan’s series. I’m dying to read Sophie and Jake’s story in, I only have eyes for you.

The problem I’m having is that Jessie and Jamie Lynn’s story, the third novel in my St. Fleur series, is itching to be told.

I don’t like to read when I’m writing. I don’t want anything to influence me unconsciously and the flow to the story to change. Could you imagine reading a book and the character gets a split personality all of a sudden? That would make me crazy as a reader!

Reading is my drug of choice. Prior to writing Widower’s Aura I could read 5-7 romance novels in a week, easily. The amount I’ve read since then has been reduced dramatically. I don’t regret it though because the joy I’ve received from my little town of St. Fleur is indescribable.

So I ask you, what are you reading? Leave me a comment and share with us what author has you in their web.

4 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. My big fat NCLEX book for my big test next month, 11.22.63 by Stephen King, and You Before Me by Jojo Moyes.

    I’ve maybe read 2 books since starting/finishing nursing school. I listened to quite a few during my commute. But nothing compares to picking up a book and actually reading it!

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    • If I could do audio books around the kids I could get through more of my books just on all the driving around. Not jealous of the NCLEX book. No fun there. One day I’ll read a Stephen King book.


    • Thanks to Game of Thrones I know who George R.R. Martin is. I’ve never read his work. The intricate story lines on the show amaze me though. I have never heard of Piers Anthony, I’ll have to see who he is.


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