Gosh, I can’t even believe I’m at this point! I’m so excited to announce that Widower’s Aura is now available for pre-orders at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks and Smashwords.

I never thought this was a path I’d take but I’m incredibly happy with it. I hope you fall in love with Sofia and Noah as much as I did.

Special thanks are in order to my husband who backs me up on anything that makes me happy, I’m so blessed to have my own happily ever after. In no specific order and I hope I don’t leave anyone out. Thank you, Brenda, Julie, Lucy, Angie, Al, Alli, Alex, Patti, Katie, and Paula. You have all accepted my texts and phone calls as I frantically spill out ideas or cries for help. So many others have supported in various ways and have been cheerleaders and I can’t thank you all enough.

Thank you for holding me up when I lost faith in myself. The right words do-not-exist, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Click here to find the links to the above retailers.

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