If you missed it, I revealed the cover to Duplicity over at the Let’s Get Social! Event Room on Facebook this past Friday.

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I put in a lot of time to find a couple that could represent Jaime Lynn and Jesse. I learned through the process of working on this novel how underrepresented interracial couples are. I also learned there are more black women with white men images than what I needed, black man with a white woman.

I know a lot of photographers are catching wind of this and I can’t wait to see them bring us some beautiful images of people of all different colors!

So tell me, do you like it? 😉




Widower’s Aura

Book one of my St. Fleur series, Widower’s Aura, is a stand alone novel featuring Sofia Brazier and Noah Tyler, rated for a mature audience. I hope you guys fall in love with Sofia and Noah as much as I did.

Living in a world full of colors, Sofia Brazier escapes a career gone south as a juvenile probationary officer in New Orleans. Moving to the small town of St. Fleur, Sofia opens a photography business in hopes of ridding her life of all the dark auras surrounding the damaged souls she once tried helping. Her new comfortable life is upended when widower, and ex-security forces turned handyman hunk, Noah Tyler, enters the local pub.

Noah attempts at all costs to avoid the voluptuous beauty that has captivated his every thought. That is until his daughter vandalizes Sofia’s building and effectively seals their fate. After cutting his daughter a break, Sofia begins tearing down the walls he built after his wife’s death.

Just when life finally seems worth living for Noah, Sofia finds herself the victim of a string of crimes. Can he protect Sofia when he failed to protect his own wife?

Staying inspired…

I had a friend ask, “How do you get your ideas for writing?” There are so many things that inspire me to write my stories.

My new wonderful friend Sofia, that I hope you’ll love as much as I do, is a photographer and moves to the town of St. Fleur in Widower’s Aura Why is she a photographer? What made me choose that profession? Well that’s easy, I love photography. There is something about getting that perfect shot with the perfect lighting. I took my own love for photography and infused that same love into Sofia.

Before moving to St. Fleur Sofia lived in Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans. She picks up the camera thanks to the inspiration all around her from the colorful culture and people all around the city. It becomes a stress reliever for her and eventually her passion. This becomes her beginning, the stepping blocks of photographing cable cars off St. Charles street to eventually taking a risk and opening her own photography business.