Life means organized chaos

I have so many things I’m juggling on a daily basis as so many of you can relate. It really is organized chaos some days and utter chaos on other days. I’ve been trying to find my groove with all the social media and my website at the same time finding a break from writing. (A short break since an idea popped up for a short story and I couldn’t let it sit.)

Stretching my creative muscles feels amazing! As I type this I’m itching to finish Dylan and Andi’s short story. I’ve also been hashing out some ideas in my head for book 3 of my St. Fleur series, Jesse and Jamie Lynn’s long overdue story.

In celebration of starting this new path in my life I decided to give two copies of two books away. This added one more thing to keep an eye on. No complaints, because in my own excitement for this journey I wanted to shower YOU with a gift.

There are three days left for Carina Adams’ Lay it Down #AmazonGiveaway. Pay it forward and share the link. Maybe you or your friend can win it and enjoy the lovely, sexy, and badass Bastards M.C. Congratulations to @LarndeSolen for claiming one copy of Laura Kaye’s Hard as it Gets! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Stay tuned for news on pre-orders for Widower’s Aura and however I decide to give away the unclaimed Laura Kaye Hard as it Gets kindle edition.

The tide is changing…

Today I woke up to the sound of rain slapping the stucco covering my home and for some people it’s a mood killer. Personally, I love the occasional storm. Rain washes away the streets of grime and brings rainbows and flowers.

Living in the desert every drop we get is a blessing. Too little water and we have problems and yet too much rain at once and we have even bigger issues. As I reflect on the state of Texas dealing with flooding I think of those families that have been changed forever. The clouds not only opened up over them to feed the land but now…now it is a reflection of their bleeding hearts and the endless tears cascading down their cheeks.

Life is delicate. I’ve mentioned in my about me that writing was never on my list of things that I wanted to do. The fact that I wrote Widower’s Aura is a complete surprise even now, two years later. It was my own therapy to write the love connection between Sofia and Noah. Everything I created in my world of St. Fleur has been based off my own imagination as have the characters. I did store a couple pieces of someone I lost way too early in life into the story. A way to honor and commemorate a beautiful life that can only live in my memories and forever in my heart.

Not everyone in this world gets their love story. Some get a horror story gift wrapped in the idea of love. Others don’t live long enough to experience the blessing of a true partner in life.

As I stumble through this exciting time in my life, preparing to share Sofia and Noah with the world, I can’t help but think of the people in my life that aren’t here to share it with me. Wanting to lift the phone to my ear and hear their laughter, excitement, and guidance but only feeling the tears as they slip down my cheeks unchecked.

The tide is changing once again in my life. It’s time to either sink or swim. How do you handle the ever changing tide?

What are you reading?

I’m in between writing so this is the time I try to catch up on novels I’ve been collecting along the way. I just finished Carina AdamsLay it Down and I started R.L. Mathewson’sFated. I’m hoping I can read Danica WintersSmoke and Ashes next.

Ever since I started Widower’s Aura my to be read list has become longer and longer. I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up. There are so many fantastic stories out there waiting to be read. I’m behind on quite a few series. As I type this I’m remembering that I left off in the middle of Bella Andre’s Sullivan’s series. I’m dying to read Sophie and Jake’s story in, I only have eyes for you.

The problem I’m having is that Jessie and Jamie Lynn’s story, the third novel in my St. Fleur series, is itching to be told.

I don’t like to read when I’m writing. I don’t want anything to influence me unconsciously and the flow to the story to change. Could you imagine reading a book and the character gets a split personality all of a sudden? That would make me crazy as a reader!

Reading is my drug of choice. Prior to writing Widower’s Aura I could read 5-7 romance novels in a week, easily. The amount I’ve read since then has been reduced dramatically. I don’t regret it though because the joy I’ve received from my little town of St. Fleur is indescribable.

So I ask you, what are you reading? Leave me a comment and share with us what author has you in their web.


CLOSED Winner announced on Twitter.

UPDATE 5/10/16: 1 of the 2 kindle editions went unclaimed. Click here to enter for a chance to win the unclaimed copy!

Good luck!

CLOSED Winner announced on Twitter.

Stay tuned for future Giveaway’s and Pre-orders for Widower’s Aura.

Click the link below for a chance to win a copy of Laura Kaye’s Hard as it Gets the first of the Hard Ink series.

#AmazonGiveaway by AJ Renee

Stay tuned for more news on when pre-orders of Widower’s Aura will go Live here and on my social media!

Good luck!


CLOSED Winner announced on Twitter.

Stay tuned for future Giveaway’s and Pre-orders for Widower’s Aura.

Click the link below for a chance to win a copy of Carina Adams, Lay it Down Bastards MC Series Box Set.

#AmazonGiveaway by AJ Renee

Stay tuned for more news on when pre-orders of Widower’s Aura will go Live here and on my social media!

Good luck!




Music… Every single culture has it, regardless of what country you live in. New Orleans’ culture is infused with beautiful, soulful rhythm and beats. The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festival will continue this Thursday April 28th, drawing thousands of people to the Fair Grounds before it ends on Sunday, May 1st.

By the name you would expect only jazz artists but no. Headliners like Stevie Wonder, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nick Jonas, Julio Iglesias and so many more. Gospel, jazz, pop, rock and everything in between. Regardless of the language we speak or the things we have experienced in our lives we can come together for our united love of music.

In Widower’s Aura, we learn that Sofia has a love for rap music. Lindsey on the other hand enjoys country music. Personally I will listen to anything that sounds good to me. I grew up listening to salsa and merengue in our home. As I matured my taste in music changed from listening to Golden Oldies to hip hop, rock, r & b, country and pop.

Music calms me and fills me with emotion. Depending on what mood I’m in is where I stop the dial on the radio. The musical notes have a way of weaving around me drawing out my problems and worries, even if only for a moment in time. I’m a big believer that music heals. Regardless of your choice in music genres you will find someone who shares that same passion.

So if you can make your way to New Orleans this weekend for the Jazz & Heritage Festival look around and see how the shared love for music has brought you and thousands together. Enjoy the delicious food and let the beat heal the wounds on your soul.

Widower’s Aura

Book one of my St. Fleur series, Widower’s Aura, is a stand alone novel featuring Sofia Brazier and Noah Tyler, rated for a mature audience. I hope you guys fall in love with Sofia and Noah as much as I did.

Living in a world full of colors, Sofia Brazier escapes a career gone south as a juvenile probationary officer in New Orleans. Moving to the small town of St. Fleur, Sofia opens a photography business in hopes of ridding her life of all the dark auras surrounding the damaged souls she once tried helping. Her new comfortable life is upended when widower, and ex-security forces turned handyman hunk, Noah Tyler, enters the local pub.

Noah attempts at all costs to avoid the voluptuous beauty that has captivated his every thought. That is until his daughter vandalizes Sofia’s building and effectively seals their fate. After cutting his daughter a break, Sofia begins tearing down the walls he built after his wife’s death.

Just when life finally seems worth living for Noah, Sofia finds herself the victim of a string of crimes. Can he protect Sofia when he failed to protect his own wife?

Staying inspired…

I had a friend ask, “How do you get your ideas for writing?” There are so many things that inspire me to write my stories.

My new wonderful friend Sofia, that I hope you’ll love as much as I do, is a photographer and moves to the town of St. Fleur in Widower’s Aura Why is she a photographer? What made me choose that profession? Well that’s easy, I love photography. There is something about getting that perfect shot with the perfect lighting. I took my own love for photography and infused that same love into Sofia.

Before moving to St. Fleur Sofia lived in Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans. She picks up the camera thanks to the inspiration all around her from the colorful culture and people all around the city. It becomes a stress reliever for her and eventually her passion. This becomes her beginning, the stepping blocks of photographing cable cars off St. Charles street to eventually taking a risk and opening her own photography business.


Hello friends, new and old!

I’m proud to announce that book one of my St. Fleur series, Widower’s Aura, will be out this Fall! News on when you can pre-order and where you can purchase it will be shared here and on my social media pages.

This has been a fantastic ride and I’m so lucky to share it with everyone. Stay tuned for a sneak peek into Sofia and Noah’s story!

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